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Individual therapy is structured in blocks of 10-weeks with specific themes for each block.


The main focus is on teaching social communication skills, flexible thinking and behavior,  play skills, body awareness and self-regulation. Each session is designed to address core difficulties in autism, emphasize existing strengths, and discover inherent potentials in order to build a solid feeling of self-worth and maximize development. Various instrumental tools, such as ‘The story of my life book’ and ‘My activity diary’ are used on a regular basis to develop self-understanding, generate conversations, and learn the basics of two-way communication.  Parents are invited to observe and sometimes be part of the sessions, so they can further generalize learned skills into the everyday life of their child.

Targeted children are aged 4 to 7 with autism spectrum disorders who have at least minimal verbal language skills. At the end of the ten-week block, individual therapy can be further continued or the child may be recommended to join a small therapy group.

Each session is one hour long and activities alternate between table and motor activities. This therapy is a good complement to ABA and speech therapy.

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