Services » Small group therapy

A ten-week long small group therapy is offered to children with ASD who function at the higher end of the spectrum. The structured group setting provides opportunity to develop and practice important social-communication skills,  playing together, and learn about social conventions. It represents a transition between individual therapy and real life situations. Children will learn to pay attention to each other, accept and follow social and play rules, develop flexible thinking and self-regulation. The sessions are  designed to address  core difficulties in autism and work through the challenges of everyday social situations. The goal of the group therapy is for children to learn to enjoy playing together,  develop self-and social-awareness, and gain confidence in social situations.

Targeted children are aged 4 to 6 who have at least functional level of communication and none or minimal cognitive delays. Groups are formed by maximum 4 children and they are offered both in English and French. An initial meeting with the parents and subsequently with the child will be set up prior to starting the group.

Each session is one hour and a half long and activities alternate between table and motor activities. The group therapy is a good complement to ABA and speech therapy.

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